The service provides online support to customers to quickly resolve doubts and contingent technical problems. The service is able to intervene by giving assistance via email, instant messaging and, in case of software problems, with a remote connection to the customer's system that authorizes access to it.If an on-site intervention is required for resolution of the problem, the coordinator of the activities of LSI Lastem is able to immediately agree with the customer how to proceed.

The request for online assistance can be activated via email by sending a message to indicating the reason and a reference to be contacted. In cases, direct contact between LSI Lastem technician and customer is difficult or when the exchange of file it is preferable to choose tools such as email or instant messaging, which ensure fast and exhaustive answers. Team-Viewer. To solve problems in installing the software, configuring the data loggers or updating the software, it is preferable to opt for a direct connection to the customer's system or server with the Team-Viewer system. This tool enabled the LSI Lastem technician to operate as if he were on site and thus solve problems quickly and effectively.

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