Maintenance and Full-Service Contracts

Entering into an annual contract, the client has a programmed number of assistances at its premises to check the functioning, the ordinary maintenance and the data quality check.

The instrument check is performed by specialized technicians using certified LSI LASTEM instruments.

Once the check is finished an assistance report is issued, indicating all the controls and works performed.

The ordinary maintenance includes the following controls:

  • Power supply system (transformer and batteries);
  • Check of the sensors and cable connection to the data acquisition system through check of the power supply tension and of the output signal;
  • Cyclic replacement of the sensors and of those parts subject to normal consumption with revised sensors; 
  • Check and test of the local and remote communication; 
  • State of the station, indication of maintenance of the infrastructures; 
  • Control of the mechanical stability of the poles; 
  • Correction of the anomalies Issue of a calibration control schedule, with the necessary indication for a good management of the instruments;

Exclusions from the contract

For all the kinds of contract the following exclusions are applied:

  • Repairs or replacement of broken instruments, for which possible costs will be quoted separately;
  • Vandalism and thefts;
  • Exceptional lightings resulting in the total loss of the station;
  • Exceptional natural events (floods, inundations, landslides);
  • Mulfunctioning of the installed SW, not imputable to the programme itself.


It is possible to require an outside intervention to restore the functionality.

A specialized technician will get in contact with you for a check of the problems pointed out so to issue a correct quotation. The intervention is subject to the acceptance of the quotation that will have to be sent back for acceptance by fax or e-mail to the addresses indicated in the quotation.

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