XLogCommNET e P1CommNET

LSI-LASTEM supplies a range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative calculation programs. Program range is divided into two main parts: data management modules and applicative modules for specific calculation.

Two automatic tools to download data from V-Log data logger and Pluvi-1 data logger and to manage them for different scopes:

  • data management using LSI LASTEM's programs applyng SQL-GIDAS data base;
  • obtain an SQL data base installed on a remote server where they can be managed with great flexibility (web pages, data display and data backup)
Data download from remote FTP area
Both data loggers can send data to several FTP areas. The tools connect itself automatically and periodically to each FTP area and download the data from there. Then the tool saves the data into SQL GIDAS data base in the receiver server for further management using compatible LSI LASTEM applications.

Moving file into the server
After data download the tool can move the file to a backup folder of the FTP area.
Code: BSZ308, BSZ309