LSI-LASTEM supplies a range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative calculation programs. Program range is divided into two main parts: data management modules and applicative modules for specific calculation.

Automatic data download and data storage as text files or in the GIDAS database saved on a PC or Server. CommNET can simultaneously manage several protocols and communication methods, includung serial COM, PSTN, GSM, GPRS, TCP/IP and radio VHF/UHF. It is divided in two moduls: configuration and automatic operating.

Configuration module
  • Simultaneous use of several communication devices (radio VHF/UHF, GSM, GPRS, LAN/WAN, USB, RS232/485 cable)
  • automatic calls to one data loggers or groups: communication device, start date/time and recurrences;
  • default file format: text file in customizable format, SQL server GIDAS data base file and binary file;
  • data type: real time or historical data. Realtime data can be used by LSI LASTEM's X-Panel program or by other programs created by the user;
  • Automatic synchronization of data loggers clocks;
  • switch-off of communication devices after each call feature;
  • save of configuration settings
  • Utility operations
  • automatic reboot in case of computer restart
  • view of active calls, pending calls and statistics about communicationns
  • communication log
  • manual calls
 GPRS module
Incoming calls in push mode from data lggers via GPRS modem, In that case, the computer receiving incoming data must own a public and static IP address.

Setup on server
CommNET can also run on a server that records data in the SQL GIDAS data base. Queries on this data base can be executed by applications installed on other computers of the network that support this  database.
Code: BSZ306.1, BSZ306.2