LSI-LASTEM supplies a range of PC programs for the data management, data display, data reporting, data communication and special applicative calculation programs. Program range is divided into two main parts: data management modules and applicative modules for specific calculation.

Included with every data logger (M/R/E-Log and Pluvi-ONE) for its configuration and for data donwloading.

Data logger configuration

According to the data logger model, 3DOM allows the configuration of all their features. Data logger models are the following: M/R//E-Log and Pluvi-ONE.

Data transfer to a PC via RS232-RS485-USB-Ethernet-GSM

  • configuration of the two RS232 ports, which can be converted into RS485 or USB ports;
  • configuration of GSM modem on data logger (only M/R/E.Log);
  • configuration of FTP connection for data transfer (push-mode) via Ethernet or GPRS modem;
  • selection of data transfer protocols: LSI LASTEM property protocol, Modbus-RTU (master), TTY and FTP
Data storage in GIDAS SQL Server database and text files
  • selection of the default format for data recording: TXT files or SQL Server GIDAS database format;
  • configuration of the text file format;
  • view of realt time values list;
  • download of data of the selected period in preview mode.
Compatibility with V-Log data logger
3DOM downloads (on TXT file and/or SQL GIDAS database) the data stored in the FTP server integrated into X-Log or in the FTP server where X-Log sent its data. Afterwards, these files will be managed from compatible LSI LASTEM's applications.

Compatibility with Pluvi-ONE system data logger
The configuration file can be sent to Pluvi-ONE using the following ways:
  • by Ethernet port;
  • by USB pent;
  • by FTP server where 3DOM send the new configuration file. Pluvi-ONE checks automatically the presence of a new configuration file  and in such case, download and apply it.
The download operations are made using the following:
  • PC folder and USB pen where data are saved;
  • SSH mode via Ethernet;
  • FTP are where Pluvi-ONE sent its data.
Furthermore, it is possible to display the real time values.
Code: 3DOM