LSI LASTEM designs and manufactures a wide range of data loggers for environmental applications. With very low power consumption, expanded signal capacity and protections against severe environmental conditions, LSI LASTEM data loggers are the ideal solution for measurements in meteorological, air quality, indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring applications.

The different features of LSI LASTEM instruments suits virtually any environmental monitoring procedure, guaranteeing accurate and reliable monitoring of physical parameters both for portable and continuous application, outdoors and indoors. 

Pluvi-ONE is a data logger dedicated to rain monitoring plus other related quantities for hydrological applications where early warnings activities are required. Pluvi-ONE has a series of unique features currently available in a single device and represents the current "state of the art" for rain measurement system and early warnings activity in hydrometric monitoring networks.


- Linux operating system for data processing and communications. Open architecture based on integrated Linux PC

- Smart rain analysis: totals, intensity, mobile total, current total

- Integrated web server for real-time data, diagnostic information and data download to Excel files via Internet browser

- Alarms: use of instant messaging system MQTT, SMS, email and local digital outputs

- 400 Mb large multi-level data memory. Removable 8 Gb external memory

- 3G/4G communication, wireless router, Ethernet, WIFI, satellite. Redundant dual system with automatic switch from one mode to another

- Data communication protocols: Modbus TCP data, FTP (client/server), SFTP, SMTP, SAP, MQTT, HTTP

- Setup of the correction formula for Class A Rain gauges. Management of double Rain gauge with redundancy logics and data quality

- Additional inputs for optional sensor: Temperature, RH%, Water Level, Storm front distance

- Remote system configuration also via modem, without the need of fixed IP SIM Card with or VPN. Data logger configuration saved on FTP server ready for its upload on a remote Alpha-Log system. Local uploading using USB Flash drive or connected PC

- Remote firmware update

Code: ELP001.1


Systems for water resource management and hydrogeological risk applications also with alert systems


Solutions for anemological analysis and odor dynamics


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