Our Story

1972 Laboratori di Strumentazione Industriale (LSI) Spa is organized in Milano by former members of a previously existing electronic research company (LRE) and begins the production of electrical thermometers. Soon afterwards, the company adds systems to measure relative humidity through the psychrometric method and hot-wire anemometers to his portfolio.

1975 The company introduces graphic recorders for the online printing of the measured values and a line of converters for the connection of sensors to industrial systems. In just a short time, the range of products and measured quantities is remarkably increased with the introduction of sensors for the measurement of different types of temperature: radiant, contact and of liquids, along with luxmetric sensors and hygrometers. 

1979 Introducing the LASTEM logo, the company begins the production and distribution of his line of sensors and data acquisition systems specific for meteorological applications. LASTEM Srl is now operative.

1980 LSI is the first company in Italy to produce instruments for the measurement and storage of the thermal environments parameters requested in the health and safety regulations in working environments.

1985 LSI and LASTEM transfer their head offices from Viale Liguria (Milan) to the current Settala (MI) headquarters, consisting in three twin buildings.

1990 After the consolidation of computer technology and storage possibilities, LSI develops a series of PC-compatible acquisition systems and software. 

1995 New concept of measurement is then started: multi-measurement system - one single system able to measure not just a few parameters, but a whole range of quantities which, altogether, can solve a specific application need. The multi-measurement concept has been a company mainstay since, widening the range of sensors for the measurement of environmental quantities such as gas concentration, thermic flows, lux and radiation.

2000 LSI further develops its range, with a new sensor line equipped with data transmission via radio to data acquisition systems.

2004 LSI creates the new “After-Sale Services” division, designed to offer support and service after the purchase of the instruments: Telephonic Assistance, Data Collection, Repair Service and External Assistance. 

2006 LSI and LASTEM are united under the same brand and logo, with the new LSI LASTEM name. 

2010 A new concept of multi-position measurement is started: thanks to radio technology applied to data loggers and sensors, the multi-measurement concept is extended to a multi-position concept. Now LSI Lastem can develop complex systems producing simultaneous measurement of a number of parameters in different positions of the targeted environment.