Traffic and transports

To support companies operating in the sectors of traffic management and cargo handling, LSI LASTEM offers sensors, systems and software for measuring, displaying, storing and transmitting useful data to support decisions.

On the roads the parameters of greatest interest are the state of the asphalt and in particular the presence of ice and visibility. 

In airports it is useful to know the state of the asphalt of the slopes and the present weather, as well as the strong wind.

For the management of loading and unloading goods in commercial ports, where even large cranes are at work, it is necessary to manage the functionality in adverse weather conditions, especially for strong winds. Port work has always been associated with high levels of risk connected to the multiple activities carried out, all characterized by significant danger, high accident frequency and / or health impact.

Along the railway lines the most common problem is represented by the strong wind conditions coming out of the tunnels, in particular for high-speed lines.

The offer of LSI LASTEM is completed by meteorological monitoring systems that allow to respond to the most diverse requirements dictated by the often extreme conditions in which one operates in the transport sector.

Sensors and systems to support goods handling operations and railway lines


Infrastructure monitoring sensors and systems