Indoor Environments

The physical environment is made up of several elements among which there is a complex relationship. Each occupant receives stimuli from various environmental components such as the climate, the chemical quality of the air, brightness and noise, and reacts by attributing greater or less pleasantness to the environment, thus defining its psychophysical state.

Understanding the environmental quality of environments (Indoor Environmental Quality) helps designers, architects and industrial hygienists to create more comfortable environments from the point of view of the psychophysical well-being of the occupants.

Since 1970, LSI LASTEM has been producing devices for evaluating environments from the point of view of the thermal sensation of the occupants, the quantity of light, the evaluation of pollutants in the rooms and ventilation.

LSI-LASTEM offers instrumentation with multi-measure features and thanks to the multi-point radio technology. In practice, each data logger (M-Log and R-Log) can be connected to a wide variety of sensors. M-Log connects to the probes only via cable, while R-Log can connect to probes via cable and also via radio, this solution allows R-Log to acquire data simultaneously from multiple locations, each with its own variety of sensors, thus becoming a complete environmental analysis system for short, medium and long periods. M-Log (directly) and R-Log (via interface) can be connected to the building control system (Building Automation) by means of Modbus protocol output, in this case the instantaneous values ​​of the measurements and derived calculations made by the appliance are available to adjust the technical installations of the building.

- Systems for portable or fixed measurements.

- Measurement of the thermohygrometric, radiant and ventilation characteristics of the confined space.

- Measurement of the main gases (CO, CO2, VOCs, etc)

- Measurement of the amount of light.

- Calculation of indices for moderate thermal environments PMV-PPD, TO.

- Calculation of localized thermal dis-comfort indexes: Dissatisfied with air currents, floor temperature and radiant asymmetries.

- Calculation of the number of air changes and flow rates.

- Thanks to radio systems, the possibility of simultaneous multi-point measurements in different locations.

- Possibility of integrating meteorological measurements to obtain an integrated system.

- Sending data to a PC for analysis and archiving with LSI-LASTEM applications, or to a building control system with Modbus protocol.

System for the measurement of the as-built thermal transmittances (U-values) in compliance with ISO9869-1:2014


Complete monitoring systems to measure the critical quantities defining health and comfort of building occupants


Monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, air speed, pressure, IAQ and more in clean rooms, white chambers, laboratories, warehouses, caves, green houses.